Kudos to the Fedora 21 team

Bill Oliver vendor at billoblog.com
Fri Nov 7 14:22:20 UTC 2014

I like to bitch a lot on mailinglists, so I thought it's only fair to  post a congrats as well.  I just installed the 21 beta.  For hygeine reasons, I prefer clean installs to upgrades, so I can't comment on the upgrade process, but the install for me went flawlessly.  I easily groupinstalled the KDE workstation stuff and am up and running as a KDE box, all in about an hour (with most of that time spent downloading the packages over DSL).  Things seem to be smoother than 20 in a number of respects.  I connect to my wireless with fewer hassles (in 20, there's some issue with my router's DHCP and NetworkManager that often results in a couple of timeouts before an address was assigned).  It *felt* (though I didn't time it( that KDE came up more quickly.

This went much more easily for me than the installation of 20.  The only glitch I've had so far was that when I first installed KDE, there was an "unnamed" KDE Activity that I couldn't delete, but it disappeared when I rebooted.

I'm currently downloading all sorts of software I don't need to see if there are installation conflict issues (which I ran into in 20), but so far, this is great!


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