Beartooth beartooth at comcast.net
Sat Nov 8 22:08:35 UTC 2014

	I bollixed one PC so badly, a week or two ago, that I gave up on 
repair and just installed F21 Alpha (from a live CD). I've been very 
pleased with it. 

	Nevertheless, I suppose, I really ought to upgrade.

	"yum install fedup" actually does something, without complaining. 
But does Fedora still use fedup?? If not, what? I'd expected this list to 
be abuzz by now with posts about upgrading, but I don't see them. Are 
things in general really going so swimmingly that nobody questions 

	I've put time and effort into tweaking, and would prefer 
upgrading in a way that would keep that, if I can.

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Remember I know little (precious little!) of where up is.

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