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Sun Nov 9 18:31:38 UTC 2014

On Sat, 08 Nov 2014 14:23:49 -0800, Joe Zeff wrote:

> On 11/08/2014 02:08 PM, Beartooth wrote:
>> 	"yum install fedup" actually does something, without complaining.
>> But does Fedora still use fedup?? If not, what? I'd expected this list
>> to be abuzz by now with posts about upgrading, but I don't see them.
>> Are things in general really going so swimmingly that nobody questions
>> anything??
> I've never had a bit of trouble with it on my laptop and I've never had
> fedup work properly on my desktop.  Go know.  I'm going to have to
> upgrade the desktop before F19 expires, and I'm considering trying the
> unofficial fedora-upgrade tool and see if it works better.

	By "unofficial fedora-upgrade tool" I suppose you mean "yum 
upgrade"? I've seen posts about it, but never tried it myself.

>  (I've always
> had fedup hang, leaving large numbers of duplicate packages and the
> system only working in CLI mode.  Generally speaking, it takes several
> days worth of manual cleanup before package-cleanup --cleandupes will
> work in a reasonable time frame.  Maybe yum-complete-transaction would
> be better.)  And, to answer your question, fedup is still the official
> upgrade tool.

	I had somehow missed the information on full release as of 12/9; 
so I guess I'm jumping the gun a bit. I apologize for that.

	However, as I tried to say before, I'm left with my two main PCs 
running F21 Alpha and respectively F21 Beta. Beta is all right. I've 
often installed a Beta on an expendable machine -- not that I can help 
much, if at all, but just to get a foretaste.

	However, I've never touched an Alpha before, and I'm stunned at 
having no problems, so far <touch wood!>. I guess what I'm after is any 
clue on whether I'm better off putting my Beta install medium into the 
Alpha machine, or simply running fedup on it. Or, I suppose, keeping both 
as they are and hanging on for another month. Thoughts??

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