Evolution 3.10.4 and Fedora 20

Gregory P. Ennis PoMec at PoMec.Net
Mon Nov 10 01:03:22 UTC 2014


I have about 6 desktop's running F20 with evolution 3.10.4 that have had
problems related to the desktop gui 'freezing'.  I can go to a terminal
interface by hitting <cntrl><alt>F2, and when I toggle back to the gui
it is still not usable.   The screen is filled with the last object
displayed in this case it is always evolution that does not respond, and
I am unable to switch to anything else on the gui.  All panels are

At first I thought the problem was gpaste so I removed it on a test
desktop.  The symptoms appeared less often but were still present.  It
seems to hang with evolution.  

Has anyone else had this problem?  Can anyone help me debug this.

Thank you for your help.

Greg Ennis

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