Hibernate and lack of docs

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Mon Nov 10 20:37:22 UTC 2014

On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 4:08 AM, Martín Marqués <martin at 2ndquadrant.com> wrote:
> 1) I had trouble getting the system to hibernate. There wasn't
> anything clear about the fact that you needed to have a swap bigger
> than the amount of memory you have. Also, it doesn't work if you have
> a file as swap (which was the easiest way to start testing)

I don't think swap size has to be bigger than size of RAM. Arch Linux
has a good note on size of swap partition [1] which links to kernel
documentation[2]. I used to make 4GB of swap partition on a system
with 8GB of RAM on Arch Linux. Anaconda makes 7.6GB of swap partition
on same machine.

Swap file does support hibernating. Again refer to Arch Linux wiki [3].

I have tried both of the above scenarios myself. I have switched to
Fedora and I use btrfs filesystem, so, I can't provide any more info.
I have Thinkpad T420i.

Hibernation can be useful when you know that you are travelling and
won't use your laptop for certain number of hours. And when battery
runs out suspend will kill everything and shutdown.

[1] https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Suspend_and_hibernate#About_swap_partition.2Ffile_size
[2] https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/power/interface.txt
[3] https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Suspend_and_hibernate#Hibernation_into_swap_file

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