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Tim ignored_mailbox at
Wed Nov 12 06:31:18 UTC 2014

Allegedly, on or about 11 November 2014, jd1008 sent:
> I have an mp3 file (a chant/prayer), which smplayer says has
> only 6+ minutes duration.
> However, the progress indicator shows it will play way up to
> termination at 1:15:30.
> Is there something in the file that can be tweaked to make smplayer
> display the correct time length of the file?

Is it only that file? (and possibly a *few* others)

It could be a badly edited file, where someone has badly concatenated
short files into a long one, or shortened a long one.  I've certainly
seen that sort of thing.

e.g. I can record from a video camera to a DVD, then use mplayer to
dumpstream the recording to a single vob mpeg file.  Quite often, the
running time indicator only shows the first clip length, rather than the
entire video (like for a 2 hour recording being split into several VOB
files, that are supposed to get played back one after another,
seamlessly).  Apart from being annoying, it can make it nearly
impossible to skip past the first part of the video, to further in.

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