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Cameron Simpson cs at
Sat Nov 15 00:58:10 UTC 2014

On 14Nov2014 13:55, Alexis Jeandet <alexis.jeandet at> wrote:
>Thanks, it's what we already use on gnome, my question was more about
>apps like YUM/DNF which doesn't care about gnome config and doesn't like
>pac files.
>My thoughts are that I should write maybe a simple scripts triggered by
>network manager which configures everything depending on the current
>host IP or something like this.

You can tell DHCP to issue a proxy server specification.

Whether Linux distros have enough cluefulness to use that by default is unknown 
to me, but things like phones etc generally do. You need to define an 
additional DHCP field and fill that in with the URL of a proxy.pac file 
(standard piece of javascript which tells browsers which proxy settings to use 
on a per URL basis).

Have a look at this:

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