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Dave Ihnat dihnat at
Sat Nov 15 16:49:54 UTC 2014

On Sat, Nov 15, 2014 at 08:53:59AM -0500, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
> Making the rounds of various technical mailing lists yesterday, with
> a subject that's typically a variation of "Just for yucks, and
> giggles" is a link to a commit to systemd's git, adding DNS caching
> to systemd; in one, huge 857 line glop. Here's its entire commit
> message: "resolved: add DNS cache".

This would be funny if it wasn't real.  Seriously, if we'd described
systemd to ourselves 10 years ago, we'd think it was parody.

I never, ever liked watching train wrecks.  And never thought it a good
idea to let the inmates run the asylum.
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