Clearing the unallocated disk space

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Mon Nov 17 11:43:51 UTC 2014

>> There have been cases of people getting refurbished drives which did
>> have the previous owners data on them.

Ed Greshko:
> Do you have first hand knowledge of this or is this something you've
> just heard about?

I read about it on the internet, so it must be true...  ;-)  But
seriously, I should have said there's been "reports" of such a thing
"allegedly" happening, just to cover myself.  Of course we'll never know
if it's true, but I can see how it can happen by accident.  All it needs
is for someone dealing with a batch of drives, to accidentally skip a
step in handling incoming and outgoing, and one pending drive
erroneously becomes a done one.
Are *all* manufacturer's strict about how they manage it?  Do some
people return a drive through their dealer, rather than straight back to
the manufacturer, and might a dealer not bother to properly handle it?

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