Clearing the unallocated disk space

Bill Oliver vendor at
Mon Nov 17 15:16:08 UTC 2014

On Mon, 17 Nov 2014, Ed Greshko wrote:

> On 11/17/14 12:58, Tim wrote:
>> There have been cases of people getting refurbished drives which did
>> have the previous owners data on them.
> Do you have first hand knowledge of this or is this something you've just heard about?
> The reason I ask this is I have a friend that worked at WD in the HD manufacturing and refurbishment area a few years back.  I had asked him about this very same thing.  He indicated that WD had very strict quality control and he couldn't think of a way it would pass through their processes with previous data still intact.
> Or, maybe you're talking about cases where the drives aren't actually going back to the manufacturer?

Well, it's been reported a number of times.  See, for instance:

I've bought "refurbished" *computers* with data on them -- though it was clearly not the drive that was "refurbished."  There are still a lot of small computer stores, particularly in rural areas, that spiff up older boxes and sell them at a discount, and there are vendors at those things they hold at the state fairgrounds now and then who show up with piles of old laptops they sell for a song.  Those are all sold as "refurbished," but pretty much really mean "we vacuumed the keyboard and replaced the broken power connector."


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