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Juan Orti juan.orti at
Mon Nov 17 22:02:42 UTC 2014

El sáb, 15-11-2014 a las 08:53 -0500, Sam Varshavchik escribió:
> Making the rounds of various technical mailing lists yesterday, with a  
> subject that's typically a variation of "Just for yucks, and giggles" is a  
> link to a commit to systemd's git, adding DNS caching to systemd; in one,  
> huge 857 line glop. Here's its entire commit message: "resolved: add DNS  
> cache".

systemd-resolved is a daemon for resolving DNS. What's wrong about
caching? All DNS servers perform caching.

It's like if you have unbound at as local resolver, that's a
very common setup.
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