User friendly proxy configuration

Cameron Simpson cs at
Tue Nov 18 09:22:54 UTC 2014

On 18Nov2014 02:31, Bill Shirley <bshirley at> wrote:
>You can put this in your ~/.bashrc:
>export http_proxy=""
>export ftp_proxy=""

They both need to be ""; the proxy protocol is HTTP, 
hence the same scheme for each. Also https_proxy. Of course, adjusted for 
whatever is correct.

>I'm not sure how many utilities use it but I think wget does.

Quite a few.

However, the point of the OP was to set this at a system level as a default for 
many machines, so the .bashrc is pretty much the worst place to want to put 
this, being a per-user setting (and only for those using bash, and only for 
settings where that is involved in invoking applications).

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