PXE BOOT : Booting Linux VM from a network server.

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Wed Nov 26 17:46:34 UTC 2014

On Nov 25, 2014 9:56 AM, "santosh" <santosh.iitg at gmail.com> wrote:
> Query regarding Booting Linux VM (Virtual Machine) from a network server
> I am interested to boot my VM with PXE BOOT through command line (not
> through GUI)
> After doing google I found  many docs on this topic but all explains
> about server side configuration   I hardly find any doc which explains
> client side configuration that needs to be done for VM .
>  What configurations / steps should I follow on the client side so
> that my VM will be enabled for NET boot ?
> Please remember I am interested to do everything on command line. No GUI.
> e:g
>       I would like to boot my VM with Centos / Fedora linux.  Suppose
> server side configuration is done.  Now what should I do on client
> side (through command line, no GUI), so that VM will come up with NET
> boot shell prompt ? after that it will download CENTOS / Fedora image
> from server.
> Thanks
> Santosh

Provisioning virtual devices and boot orders and such are host operations,
ie 'server side'.  Just like a physical computer, any guest operations or
'client side' things are done after the guest has booted something. So the
things you need to do are configuring the DHCP/telnet/http server for PXE
deployments, then provisioning a guest configured to boot via PXE.

You can refer to the Fedora Installation Guide for instructions on setting
up the server.  For deploying the guest, I recommend `virt-install` .  For
'client configuration', well, after Fedora is installed on the guest you
can treat it like any other Fedora system.

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