Somewhat OT, encryption question

Bill Oliver vendor at
Wed Nov 26 20:42:19 UTC 2014

On Wed, 26 Nov 2014, Bruno Wolff III wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 26, 2014 at 17:39:34 +0000,
>  Bill Oliver <vendor at> wrote:
>> For the HP issue, the fix is easy -- you just delete the command to check 
>> during boot up.  But, I was thinking about this as an encryption option -- 
>> where one could encrypt files in a way that automatically incorporates 
>> hardware information with the passphrase.  That way, if someone were to 
>> intercept a file and knew your passphrase, they would still not be able to 
>> decrypt the file unless they did it on one specific machine.
> What threats are you trying to counter? The normal putting file systems on 
> top of a luks container should be good enough for a lot of threats.

I don't want someone to be able to image my disk and unencrypt it on a
different machine if they have intercepted my passphrase.


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