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Mike Chambers mike at
Thu Nov 27 14:24:00 UTC 2014

Ok, I recently installed the new to be release Fedora 21 on my server
(client been testing for months now).  I have rsync setup to mirror some
Fedora sites (fedora, beta releases, updates, updates-testing, etc..)
that I mirror every day, usually every 4-6 depending on which script
runs.  This has run flawelessly up until the server had F21.  It would
mirror, delete and downloaded what was needed just fine.

Now, for some reason, everyday it looks like the mirrors are all deleted
and packages downlaoded from scratch.  The only thing I can find that
seems related is when I do a yum update (client side mostly, and I have
the mirrored dir's mounted via nfs, as is same as when was on F20), it's
after that it seems the dir's get deleted.  And I don't mean the dir
itself, but the contents of them.

For example, I have /rsync/fedora-test/ as my prerelease dir and all the
branches of F21 (release, updates, updates-testing, rpmfusion stuff) are
in there.  All of the dir names are listed as always, but the sub's are
removed and then redownloaded again.  I have tried 2 different mirrors
and both happen the same.

It's like when yum tries to upgrade (and it may be when I do a yum clean
all), then something happens to the dir's (and it may not be exactly
that, but right after) then next time rsync checks, it downloads it all
from scratch again.  I can say, up to the point of it downloading again,
before that, when rsync checks the mirrors, it only deletes/downloads
what was changed, not the whole thing.

I don't get it nor can find what is happening.  Wondering if the
harddrive itself is going bad somehow, as the rsync/mirror stuff is on
sep HD and mounted that way from install?  

Any thoughts on what to look for, or any other details to show you or
give you that might help decide what to do or how to do it?
Mike Chambers
Madisonville, KY

"Best little town on Earth!"

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