A gmane mystery

Ed Greshko ed.greshko at greshko.com
Sun Nov 30 22:57:15 UTC 2014

On 12/01/14 06:30, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> On Sunday 30 November 2014 14:09:33 Sudhir Khanger wrote:
>>> I've been collecting redhat.fedora from gmane for several years,
>>> but about a week ago I found that while I could read gmane newsgroups
>>> I was unable to post to them - that is, my posts did not appear.
>> How are you accessing GMane? At least in Kontact mails are always send
>> from SMTP part of Kontact so it doesn't matter if you read the
>> messages in KMail or Knode.
> I access GMane through KNode.
> But recently I have not been able to post through KNode,
> but only by sending email (with KMail) to
> users at lists.fedoraproject.org , which appears to be mirrored by
> gmane.linux.redhat.fedora.general .
> However, I have not seen this stated officially anywhere.
> Is there (incidentally) any way of determining which mailing list
> a gmane newsgroup is mirroring?
> One would expect it to be stated in Group Properties in KNode,
> but it does not appear to be.
> I posted this first to the gmane newsgroup,
> but it never appeared there.
> Any advice or suggestions gratefully received.

I don't know where it is getting added.  But, in this email I see....

Reply-To: gayleard at eircom.net,
               Community support for Fedora users <users at lists.fedoraproject.org>

And in their http://gmane.org/post.php page they say....

If you post an article to a Gmane group using a Reply-To or From address that points to a mailing list, Gmane will quietly drop the message. So don't do that.

So you may want to check that?

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