[fedora-virt] How can we pass kernel arguments(e.g:ks=hd:/dev/..) to a cdrom-based guest install?

Li Ming lili at redhat.com
Thu Feb 4 02:45:37 UTC 2010

    How can I pass the ks argument to a guest during install? I am 
writing an auto install python script,I can use virt-install --location 
install_tree --extra-args ks=...., but this will active the network, we 
want to mirror a true DVD install. If use virt-install --cdrom will 
solve this issue, we have a bad way to pass ks argument,uncompress the 
ISO,update the syslinux kernel args,then build the ISO again,but this 
will consume big resource,not a good way. Does someone have good 
suggestion for me to pass ks arg to kernel while using virt-install 
--cdrom in python script?


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