[fedora-virt] Fedora virt status

Justin M. Forbes jmforbes at linuxtx.org
Fri Feb 5 20:00:56 UTC 2010

Fedora 13

  Feature Submission deadline for F-13 was earlier this week, we have some
  exciting new features submitted.  As we move towards F-13, we are getting
  really close to the Feature Freeze deadline.  

  F-13 schedule:

  2010-02-09  Feature Freeze (4 days)
  2010-02-16  Alpha Freeze (11 days)
  2010-03-23  Beta (Final Development) Freeze (46 days)
  2010-04-29  Compose Release Candidate (83 days)

Fedora Cloud SIG

  A new Fedora Cloud SIG has been created focused to make Fedora
  successful on all major cloud platforms, public and private. More
  details can be found at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Cloud_SIG

F12 Virt Preview

  As was announced before, the virt-preview repository for F12 users wishing
  to test out the latest virtualization bits is available.  Instructions for
  using this repository can be found at:

  Recent updates in this repository include:

  - bugfix release, also adds wireless card support
  - bnx2 builds again
  - drop our one patch

  - upstream release of 0.7.6
  - Use QEmu new device adressing when possible
  - Implement CPU topology support for QEMU driver
  - Implement SCSI controller hotplug/unplug for QEMU
  - Implement support for multi IQN
  - a lot of fixes and improvements

  - Changed Scheduled Parameters to be a Union instead of a Struct.
  - Better Pointer mappings in the error callback

  - Avoid creating too large iovecs in multiwrite merge (#559717)
  - Don't try to set max_kernel_pages during ksm init on newer kernels (#558281)
  - Add logfile options for ksmtuned debug.


  DOOM-O-METER: 230 bugs open 1 week ago, up to 238 now.

  Many of these are duplicates from abrt auto filing, but We still have a
  lot of work to do!

= Important =

== kernel ==

    KVM/networking-related crash

    A patch has been submitted upstream, and this should be fixed with
    the next kernel update.

== kvm ==

    KVM/Qemu 0.12.2 guest: WARNING: at block/blk-core.c:336

    This has been fixed in the most recent rawhide and virt-preview builds.

    SIGTRAP leakage between separate virtual machines

    Patches have been posted for this, and a resolution is coming soon.

    almost 9 thousand syscalls per second while idle

    This is believed to be a result of the USB Tablet device, but several
    users have noticed high host CPU usage while guests were idle.

    Segfaults logged from kvm (qemu-kvm) resulting in guest sudden crash
    and data loss

    A number of users complaining of guests crashing and sometimes taking
    the host with them.  This appears to be related to sound emulation.

    reattach virtio to rhel{5,6} guests will cause qemu-kvm crash

== libvirt ==

    libvirt can generate bogus node device XML

    libvirt has a function for escaping XML strings that we clearly forgot to
    use here. In addition though we probably need to check where this garbage
    is coming from, because in this particular case we probably shouldn't be
    including the element at all.

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