[fedora-virt] Fedora virt status

Justin M. Forbes jmforbes at linuxtx.org
Fri Feb 12 20:46:03 UTC 2010

Fedora 13

  Feature Freeze deadline for F-13 was earlier this week, and all packages
  should be feature complete.  Now it is time to widdle down the bug list
  and get F13 as clean as possible.

  F-13 schedule:

  2010-02-16  Alpha Freeze (4 days)
  2010-03-23  Beta (Final Development) Freeze (39 days)
  2010-04-29  Compose Release Candidate (76 days)

Fedora Cloud SIG

  Progressis being made towards updated Fedora in the EC2 cloud, and
  There is some interest in supporting the IBM Cloud. More details
  can be found at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Cloud_SIG

F12 Virt Preview

  As was announced before, the virt-preview repository for F12 users wishing
  to test out the latest virtualization bits is available.  Instructions for
  using this repository can be found at:

  Recent updates in this repository include:

  - Update to version 0.500.2
  - virt-install --autostart option for setting domain autostart flag
  - virt-install --host-device now supports values via lsusb and lspci

  - Add vhost net support

  - Update to 0.8.3 release
  - Manage network interfaces: start, stop, view, provision bridges, bonds, etc.
  - Option to 'customize VM before install'.


  DOOM-O-METER: 238 bugs open 1 week ago, up to 244 now.

  Feature Freeze has happened, so it is time to really start attacking
  this bug list! Anyone wishing to help can find more information at:

= Important =

== kernel ==

    KVM/networking-related crash

    A patch has been submitted upstream, and this should be fixed with
    the next kernel update.

== kvm ==

    SIGTRAP leakage between separate virtual machines

    Patches have been posted for this, and a resolution is coming soon.
    This requires kernel patches, so timeframe coinsides with the 2.6.32
    update for F12.

    almost 9 thousand syscalls per second while idle

    This is believed to be a result of the USB Tablet device, but several
    users have noticed high host CPU usage while guests were idle.

    Segfaults logged from kvm (qemu-kvm) resulting in guest sudden crash
    and data loss

    A number of users complaining of guests crashing and sometimes taking
    the host with them.  This appears to be related to sound emulation. 
    We are waiting for feedback from virt-preview users.

    reattach virtio to rhel{5,6} guests will cause qemu-kvm crash

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