[fedora-virt] No keyboard with Spice/qxl...

Georgios Petasis petasisg at yahoo.gr
Thu Mar 8 12:44:40 UTC 2012

Στις 8/3/2012 13:47, ο/η Alon Levy έγραψε:
> On Thu, Mar 08, 2012 at 01:23:02PM +0200, Georgios Petasis wrote:
>> Στις 8/3/2012 11:30, ο/η Alon Levy έγραψε:
>>> ok, if the VM runs on a separate pc, of course it doesn't work - I
>>> wrongly assumed it was on the same pc as virt-manager. You need to
>>> capture the interface that the spice connection is on - so the
>>> network connection, which would be em1 / eth0. Wireshark has a
>>> neat mode where it shows you the packets per interface before
>>> starting a capture on a specific interface
>>> (menu->capture->interfaces, or ctrl-i).
>> Dear Alon,
>> I am a little confused.
>> I have a PC. I have started a VNC server on the pc. I run
>> virt-manager inside this vnc server. I run the VM from this
>> virt-manager (so virt-manager&  VM run in the pc that the vnc server
>> runs).
>> And from a second pc, I have a vnc client, that I see all these.
> OK, I didn't understand correctly, thanks for the patience.
>> I have uploaded a capture from em1 here:
>> http://server.intellitech.gr/spice-em1.cap.bz2
> So this one will be pointless since the spice connection is over
> loopback on your headless pc.
> So you are using wireshark on the headless PC via VNC?
Yes, wireshark runs on the same pc as the vnc server, virt-manager & the VM.
I control it through a vnc client, from another pc.
>   I don't see any
> TCP connections being created, as I would expect if virt-manager starter
> the spice connection after the capture is started. Can you please make
> sure virt-manager is closed before you start the capture?
I have rebooted the pc, I have started wireshark, and then started 
virt-manager & the VM. The VM booted (windows 7 64 bit), I pressed a few 
keys, then I opened the start menu, some more key presses, and finally I 
stopped the VM (normal shutdown from windows).

All this interaction is here: 

If something is still missing, I think that it is possible it does not 



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