[fedora-virt] Fedora 18 host and two Centos-6.3 guest: how to shutdown guest?

Scott Dowdle dowdle at montanalinux.org
Mon Mar 4 23:40:55 UTC 2013


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> I have setup on a libvirtd Fedora 18 up to date two centos-6.3 server
> (web and mail), but it seems that when I shutdown f18, the two hosts are
> power off without shutdown.
> How to ensure that the two guests are suspended, hibernate or shut down
> properly? like Centos 6.3 host do? I have missing some things?

I think all you need to do is to enable the libvirt-guests service.  It is part of the libvirt-client package so you should have it installed.

systemctl enable libvirt-guests

I do NOT use that feature.  I manually shutdown guests.  That service basically suspends the VMs to disk... and if I have a VM with 32GB of RAM, it has to write a 32GB dump file.  If you have a few of those, it can take longer to suspend and restore than simply shutting down the host and starting it again.

On guests with small/reasonable amounts of RAM, it probably is nice to have turned on.

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