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Fri Jul 3 17:23:42 UTC 2009

Here is the meeting log for the meeting held on 2nd July 2009

17:01:27<nb>  #startmeetingWebsites Meeting
17:01:31<hiemanshu>  damn you!
17:01:32<nb>  #topicWho's here
17:01:43 * nb is here
17:01:50*hiemanshu is here
17:01:53*nb curses bot commands that he doesn't know how to use well
17:01:55*markg85 is here
17:02:12<nb>  hiemanshu, or markg85?
17:02:19<hiemanshu>  markg85, go ahead
17:02:22<markg85>  nb, yes?
17:02:30<hiemanshu>  markg85, your part
17:02:37*nb thinks you two are heading up the www.fp.o stuff aren't you? or who was that?
17:02:47<hiemanshu>  markg85, what are the feedback on www.fp.o
17:02:53<nb>  yeah, the feedback
17:03:00<markg85>  Oke, ready to start with the websites. exams are over so time to get on www.f.o
17:03:05<markg85>  fp*
17:03:30<hiemanshu>  markg85, what about feedback ?
17:03:31<markg85>  as for the feedback, none gotten none requested, to busy with school
17:03:33<hiemanshu>  did you get any?
17:03:52<hiemanshu>  nb, so what needs to be done?
17:04:02*nb guesses getting feedback?
17:04:09<nb>  which mark said he would do now that his exams are over
17:04:22<nb>  do you want to help hiemanshu?
17:04:41<hiemanshu>  nb, yes, he said he was getting feedback and then we would work together on it
17:04:46<nb>  oh ok
17:04:49<markg85>  oke
17:05:04<nb>  #agreedmarkg85 will ask for feedback on, then hiemanshu will help him come up with ideas to address the feedback
17:05:17<markg85>  oke
17:05:22*nb guesses that is me
17:05:26<nb>  not much has happened lately
17:05:27<hiemanshu>  nb, go ahead
17:05:40<markg85>  blogs.. didn't know fedora had those ^_^
17:05:41<hiemanshu>  Nigel does not seem to like responding to me
17:05:42<nb>  we reinstalled using packages this time to closely resemble what it will be like when it is deployed
17:05:54<nb>  right now we are mainly blocking on FAS integration, which we didn't think we would be blocking on at first
17:06:04<nb>  but mmcgrath said that it is a requirement for all new webapps
17:06:18<nb>  i haven't had a lot of time the last few days to work on it, but hopefully will soon
17:06:21<hiemanshu>  hmmm, so we have the link to a auth plugin we can use
17:06:29<nb>  hiemanshu, to modify it
17:06:32<hiemanshu>  I am having exams as well
17:06:36<nb>  it doesnt work with fas, it works with gmail
17:06:47<nb>  but i am optimistic that i can kind of combine that with the fas wiki plugin
17:06:55<hiemanshu>  nb, yes we can modify it using the plugin from MediaWiki
17:06:59<nb>  anything you want to add about blogs hiemanshu?
17:07:02<hiemanshu>  yes we can do that
17:07:20<hiemanshu>  nb, do you think we should allow anyone to change any file?
17:07:31<hiemanshu>  thats one important part
17:07:36<nb>  #agreednb and hiemanshu and onekopaka will continue working on FAS integration for
17:07:45<nb>  hiemanshu, the way we had been doing it is working on /wpnew
17:07:52<nb>  and then id copy the changes to the main one when they are ready
17:07:57<nb>  i tend to like that, your thoughts?
17:08:09<hiemanshu>  YEs
17:08:22<hiemanshu>  We test on wpmunew and then copy it to main blog
17:08:25<markg85>  just curious, where is that blogging system based on? wordpress?
17:08:32<nb>  markg85, wordpress-mu
17:08:38<hiemanshu>  nb, i think you should add the basic mysql DB as well
17:08:47<nb>  hiemanshu, ?
17:08:52<nb>  it has a mysql db
17:08:53<markg85>  nb, you do know wordpress is quite a resource hog right
17:08:58<hiemanshu>  nb, we need to save specific changes
17:09:12<hiemanshu>  we need to copy the sql file while deploying it
17:09:28<nb>  hiemanshu, yeah, i intend to take a dump of the final pt mysql to deploy
17:09:39<hiemanshu>  nb, exactly what i meant
17:09:40<nb>  although we have discussed setting it up anew on the real server
17:09:42<hiemanshu>  anything else?
17:10:08<hiemanshu>  but that would remove the basic setting
17:10:20<nb>  #agreedall changes will be made to /wp-stage and then will be copied to /wp by nb when they are stable
17:10:25*nb will rename /wpmunew to wp-stage
17:10:28<nb>  unless someone objects
17:10:46*hiemanshu nods
17:10:54<nb>  #topicUser gallery
17:10:55<markg85>  no objections
17:11:13<hiemanshu>  I am in charge of this
17:11:22<hiemanshu>  But i have no idea of what mizmo wanted
17:11:31<hiemanshu>  as i have not spoken to her for quite some time
17:11:48<nb>  email?
17:11:51<hiemanshu>  nb, markg85, what do you think you need for a User Gallery?
17:11:59*nb not sure what user gallery means?
17:12:17<hiemanshu>  nb, exactly what i want to know as well
17:12:18<markg85>  isn't it just intended to be one big page of user images (no desktop screenshot but person foto's)?
17:12:30<hiemanshu>  markg85, no idea
17:12:40<nb>  perhaps email mizmo?
17:12:43<nb>  .fasinfo mizmo
17:12:45<zodbot>  nb:  User "mizmo" doesn't exist
17:12:48<hiemanshu>  nb, sure will do that
17:12:51<nb>  .fasinfo duffy
17:12:52<zodbot>  nb:  User: duffy, Name: Máirín Duffy, email: mairin at, Creation: 2006-04-07, IRC Nick: mizmo, Timezone: US/Eastern, Locale: en, Extension: 5100548, GPG key ID: 65E04EE2, Status: active
17:12:53<hiemanshu>  .fasinfo duffy
17:12:55<nb>  ahah
17:12:56<zodbot>  nb:  Approved Groups: cla_done web fedorabugs cvsfedora packager sysadmin art gitbluecurve cla_fedora sysadmin-noc gitthemes gitfedoracommunity gitpulp gitspacewalk gitspins gitmoksha designteam
17:12:57<zodbot>  nb:  Unapproved Groups: None
17:12:59<zodbot>  hiemanshu:  User: duffy, Name: Máirín Duffy, email: mairin at, Creation: 2006-04-07, IRC Nick: mizmo, Timezone: US/Eastern, Locale: en, Extension: 5100548, GPG key ID: 65E04EE2, Status: active
17:13:02<zodbot>  hiemanshu:  Approved Groups: cla_done web fedorabugs cvsfedora packager sysadmin art gitbluecurve cla_fedora sysadmin-noc gitthemes gitfedoracommunity gitpulp gitspacewalk gitspins gitmoksha designteam
17:13:05<markg85>  well if that's the idea then you can just search on user gallery's to find examples
17:13:05<zodbot>  hiemanshu:  Unapproved Groups: None
17:13:36<nb>  #agreedhiemanshu will contact mizmo to find out more of what she is looking for for the user gallery
17:13:47<hiemanshu>  Correct
17:13:48<nb>  #topicOpen Floor
17:13:57<markg85>  ?? open floor ??
17:14:01*nb supposes it is open floor now
17:14:04<hiemanshu>  I will be on off for the next week
17:14:11<nb>  anyone have anything we haven't discussed yet?
17:14:12<hiemanshu>  So dont expect much of me
17:14:14<markg85>  what is it?
17:14:26<nb>  markg85, basically open floor means anyone can talk about whatever they have for the meeting
17:14:45<nb>  markg85, meaning the agenda is done, does anyone have anything else to bring up at the meeting
17:15:00<markg85>  oh didn't know that
17:15:02<hiemanshu>  nb, anything on get.fp.o?
17:15:10*nb not sure who was working on get
17:15:22<nb>  i heard the get-fedora page mentioned at the board meeting
17:15:38<markg85>  well.. www.fp.o and get.fp.o are kinda related so i think hiemanshu  and i need to take get.fp.o into the questions as well
17:15:38*hiemanshu was not there
17:15:47*nb wasn't really
17:15:52<nb>  half of it was just reading backlog
17:15:55<hiemanshu>  markg85, wait i ll look up the Project page
17:16:00<markg85>  k
17:16:40<nb>  oh, apparently i hsould have used #action so-and-so will do this
17:16:41<nb>  oh well
17:16:45<nb>  agreed works too
17:16:52<hiemanshu>  markg85, its got your name and mizmos name on it
17:16:53*nb is new to chairing a meeting
17:17:23<markg85>  hiemanshu, oke.. guess i have to ask stuff about that anyway :)
17:17:36<hiemanshu>  yes
17:17:48<hiemanshu>  and i see a link to this :
17:17:50<nb>  markg85, so you will get feedback on it also?
17:18:01<nb>  #actionmarkg85 will get feedback on also
17:18:18<markg85>  nb, yes
17:18:43<markg85>  and perhaps it would be wise for hiemanshu to do the same since both pages are related
17:18:48<hiemanshu>  nb, you might want to change this :
17:19:07<nb>  yeahok
17:19:10*nb hadn't looked at that
17:19:12<hiemanshu>  markg85, i will not quite be here for some time so you can do that
17:19:29<nb>  #actionnb will change the wiki page for
17:19:34<nb>  #link
17:19:47<markg85>  Oke, i will start gathering feedback on #fedora tomorrow
17:20:09<hiemanshu>  nb, i think thats it
17:20:26<nb>  #infonb has changed the wiki page for
17:20:34<nb>  if nothing else i will close the meeting in 30 seconds
17:20:49*markg85 has nothing more
17:21:02*hiemanshu nods
17:21:04<nb>  #endmeeting


Hiemanshu Sharma.

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