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Mark markg85 at
Wed Jul 8 13:10:59 UTC 2009


It was suggested that i gather feedback on the 2 sites to see what
users experience when they want to download fedora.
Here is the feedback. (file is here incase the format is off:
And i have anonymized all the feedback because some people asked that
before i started to ask questions.
The feedback below was gathered in a few irc rooms mostly #fedora and
#web. hiemanshu helped me gathering some of the feedback below.
Personal real world feedback is asked from 6 persons but not given
since fedora would't even run on there stock notebooks!

Feedback and get-fedora

User 1
 - fedora main site
 -- no issues, it's fine

 - get.fp.o
 -- KDE download is a bit hidden
 -- x64 is hidden. users suggestion: perhaps 2 download buttons:
'download x64' and 'download x32'
 -- user said: also add buttons for the dvd versions of tose 2 architectures
 -- Make the gnome-kde choosable like on the mandriva download page
 -- Ajax popup with download details (distribution, desktop
environment, installation guide etc...)

 After showing the mandriva download style he said he only missed the
architecture option

User 2
 - fedora main site
 -- Misses a big download fedora button, something that attracts the attention

 - get.fp.o
 -- Misses a big download fedora button, something that attracts the attention
 -- Spins, where do i need them for? remove it!

User 3
 - fedora main site
 -- 'looks oke'

 - get.fp.o
 -- More infor on spins rather then just one link
 -- keep it simple
 -- When asked for an x64 download link: "I don't think it should be
there, as many people would download it, and it wouldn't work on their
non x86_64 machines."

User 4
 - fedora main site
 -- "I've been able to find everything I need on the websites."

 - get.fp.o
 -- "I've been able to find everything I need on the websites."
 -- "no issues, it was pretty obvious it's the second big button"
 -- ""Trying to download x64"" well, it seems harder because I went to
the list of mirrors instead of just instantly getting the download
 -->also, when I got to the mirror list I had to click on a mirror and
browse to where the iso files are for F11
 -->we're talking 8-9 clicks at least instead of 1x
 -->for the 3rd or 4th most common download it would be nice if it
were shorter, but not a big deal to me
 -->I'd like it if their was a link directly to the file you wanted on
the mirror (if that is possible or even makes sense)
 -->but it would be possible for it to start me off in say
 -->yeah, that would make sense for it to do that after I click on the
filter for F11 x86_64
 -->yep, that seems like it would be better instead of starting at the base

User 5
 - fedora main site
 -- seems OK, everything looks like its working, by preference I like
a bit more of a banner on sites, but thats personal
 -- posibly more of a note that its based on the comercial Red Hat distro

 - get.fp.o
 -- seems fine to me

User 6
 - fedora main site
 -- if I'm new to linux and need help, do I click docs, wiki, get help, or what?
 -- too much unused white space

 - get.fp.o
 -- seems too cluttered
 -- leads me to wonder wtf I click on
 -- and it lacks consistancy
 -- if you have several options, display them in a consistent manner
 -->that page has a couple different options in the middle, other
options in a different style on the right (well, i think they are
different) and then other, alternat eoptions at the bottom
 -->could it not list all the options in one consistant list,
explaining what each is, with the different download options?

User 7
 - fedora main site
 -- None

 - get.fp.o
 -- i guess download button could be bigger, but i noticed it immediately

User 8
 - fedora main site
 -- should have a big "download" button
 -- Well, i think user who wants to install something *NIX'y is pretty
advanced to find a download link on the website

 - get.fp.o
 -- None

User 9
 - fedora main site
 -- and it should probably have a better link text
 -- I mean, imagine reading it; Get Fedora 11 Desktop Edition Now

 - get.fp.o
 -- only thing is the "download now" link might not be obvious as a link

 - Other
 -- one last thing; the layout breaks on a small viewport (4-500px wide)
 -- should have some minimal width limiter

Mixed from: UxerX and UserY (and others)
-- the front-page of is a bit non-descript
-- anonymous, if you will
-- since this is mostly about getting people to use it, I'd go for a
more "in your face" approach, have a direct download button on the
front page, larger logo, more "THIS IS FEDORA" :)
-- when the writing goes one word per line, things are bad
-- no prominent logos, nothing
-- i would have something similar to how firefox has theirs, short and
sweet with a bit of kapow
-- if i didn't know what fedora is i wouldn't immediately know what it was
-- ONE sentence explaining that "This is the Linux distro for you" and
a download button :)
-- that little blurb needs to be more bolder or something -- stand out more
-- I think part of the problem is that the lion image in the
navigation dominates there, without communicating anything (alt text
does not count)
-- I just think if you want people to actually download it, then
Download link needs to be the first thing that draws the eye
-- change the lion-image with a download fedora 11 button
-- >>> take
them as example
-- most people who visit your site won't want a tour.  They want a
download link.
-- take a look at the get firefox page, i love what they have going on
at the bottom, short snappy bits of information
-- Make that big lion a download button, then have a tour button somewhere else
-- Or maybe you could have two buttons in that one is tour,
bottom one is download
-- Yeah - I think what the fedora-page need is a clear goal and plan
for the page
-- the ubuntu website does it well, take note of that
-- is it a page mainly meant for getting Fedora?
-- then emphasize that
-- and make support, "what is" and all that other stuff less prominent
-- and less than 50 words on the main front page blurb
-- people are wanting immediate satisfaction nowadays
-- they don't want to search for information
-- they want a clear, concise text telling them what, why and where
-- especially important for a website of this type

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