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Mark markg85 at
Mon Jul 13 16:28:08 UTC 2009

2009/7/11 Mel Chua <mel at>:
> Thanks for pushing back and pointing out holes in my reasoning, btw - always
> good especially when it's 3:20am ('s one of Those Nights when I can't
> sleep).
>> We really should just format the site differently - at the very least
>> have a different style sheet - to target this specifically if we decide
>> to support it. We don't officially now.
> Yay! wontfix, then. *docs at
>>> "some people will already come to fp.o knowing that they want to dl
>>> Fedora, even before taking the tour. Who are they?"
>>> * someone (I trust, possibly an Ambassador standing beside me) has
>>> already told me I should just download this "Fedora" thing and they'll help
>>> me get started
>>> * I do understand what I'd be getting; I already know what Fedora is and
>>> just need to grab an image file and am easily frustrated by Fitt's Law
>>> * some people blithely click on download links first, then figure out
>>> what they're getting afterwards. Not that it's a good idea, mind you... but
>>> I've watched enough people have this as almost a knee-jerk reaction to a
>>> webpage that... I mean, it happens.
>> I agree with all of this, although i think the last two cases are far
>> less common than the first.
> I wonder if "IP addresses that have dl'd one of the prior Fedora releases
> before" vs "IP addresses that have not downloaded Fedora before" would be a
> useful differentiation metric for this - it's hard to tell who's actually
> arriving at the site for what. I'll have a chat with Ian (since he's doing
> similar work) about ways we might instrument things up better to get the
> kind of data these discussions should be based on... who else is into stats
> and metrics?
> --Mel

Oke, great feedback on the feedback (although i seem to miss feedback
on the bottom part right after: "Mixed from: UxerX and UserY (and
So some thoughts on that would be nice.

Now for the feedback and what we do/won't do.. i suggest we use some
kind of system for that (MoSCoW)..
So, if we could all (Máirín, Mel, Hiemanshu and me) could all make a
MoSCow list of what we see as needed then discuss the lists in the
meeting next friday?
Just if you don't know what moscow is:

note: every line from: is a
problem or a possible solution that the users saw. so every line
should come back in one of the moscow sections (not multiple!).

So in the end we end up with at least 4 lists with the following subjects:

Must have
< your items here >

Could have
< your items here >

Should have
< your items here >

Won't have
< your items here >

And if you ask me as soon as we know the "Must have" part we can
actually start to make something.
Let me know what you think of this idea.


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