[PATCH] Add Q & A to Fedora Talk FAQ re: authentication requirement

Paul W. Frields stickster at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 20:20:57 UTC 2009

 talk.fedoraproject.org/data/content/faq.html |    2 ++
 1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/talk.fedoraproject.org/data/content/faq.html b/talk.fedoraproject.org/data/content/faq.html
index f6727bb..8877be8 100644
--- a/talk.fedoraproject.org/data/content/faq.html
+++ b/talk.fedoraproject.org/data/content/faq.html
@@ -18,5 +18,7 @@
     <p><span class="answer">${_('Aside from a computer with Internet access at a minimum it is recommended to get a headset with headphones and a microphone attached.  Without it you will be difficult or impossible to understand.  It is important to remember that background noise and misconfigured or poorly configured callers can completely destroy a conference call.')}</span></p>
     <p><span class="question">${_('What if I am on the road or do not have the proper equipment?')}</span></p>
     <p><span class="answer">${_("Using one of Fedora's dial in numbers will allow you to use your standard phone or cell phone in order to communicate with others.  This is also a way for non-Fedora users to join conferences. See the main page for more information at: ")} <a href='http://talk.fedoraproject.org/'>http://talk.fedoraproject.org/</a></span></p>
+    <p><span class="question">${_('Can I use Fedora Talk without a Fedora account?')}</span></p>
+    <p><span class="answer">${_('Unfortunately we can only offer this service to people who authenticate with a Fedora account.  The service is intended to make Fedora contribution more effective, and there are many other ways to contact developers if you do not have a Fedora account.')}</span></p>

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