Adding Phone Browser support

Hiemanshu Sharma hiemanshu at
Sat Jul 18 01:29:23 UTC 2009

On 07/17/2009 10:23 PM, Mel Chua wrote:
>> They probably would want to read planet and fedora news? Anything else
>> you can think of that might be useful to view on fpo while on the go?
> The front/about page, for the on-the-go scenario of "I wonder what 
> Fedora is/let me show you what Fedora is, this is our homepage." I 
> agree with Mo that mobile browsers of fp.o will probably only look at 
> a few pages.
> --Mel
So mizmo you think only planet, blogs and fp.o site must be made with a 
phone browser support? What about docs? some people might have only a 
working net connection on the phone and want to download stuff or 
atleast look for help when the computer is not able to work.

Hiemanshu Sharma.

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