It was "fun", bye bye.

Mark markg85 at
Fri Jul 24 19:05:53 UTC 2009


It all started a few __months__ ago when i visited Max Spevack with
ideas on how to improve the fedora website(s). (fp.o and get.fp.o)
Back then fedora 11 was in the ending stages and there wasn't a lot of
time to do any new things (actually there was no time for that) so it
had to wait till after fedora 11 was released.
After that happened (f11 release) i joined fedora with the idea to
improve there website. Here are the problems i encountered.

- First FAS. I needed to agree on the CLA but the information
requirements are roughly the same as when you order something on a web
shop. They just don't ask a credit card number yet.
- - So i disagree with the side effect that i can't go to the wiki.
- I had mockups of fp.o and get.fp.o that only needed polishing and
making them look right in the current fp.o theme. But it was requested
(read demanded) that i collected feedback...
- After a lot of talking i did collect feedback:
- Right now Mizmo is "making" mockups of that feedback and "some"
other feedback but none of the feedback was discussed which she did
require me to do! kinda odd don't you think.
- I came here to do that website stuff. Mizmo now does it which is
exactly NOT what i wanted
- Also the person all my "work" ends up with is Mizmo. The person i
just don't like is: the same one. That is going (and already has) to
give conflicts!

I could make this list a lot longer with a lot insults or harsh things
to mizmo but i won't do that although in my opinion she does deserver

So where do i stand now? well, it took months to get NOWHERE so i'm
not going to spend more months to get even further in nowhere. The
design team had the chance to get me in, get a decent designer and
coder in but screwed up big time. Work is going extremely slow if
going at all and when i say something (to mizmo) it always seems land
the wrong way..

I've had it with this head design team member thus i won't attend any
future website meetings. I've already had it for a long time how
fedora operates (hints at nautilus spatial view) and i had hoped that
i could in time make a difference in Fedora. Guess that's not going to
happen and i don't mind that.

So, how have those last few months been for me? well, not productive
at all! Talking a LOT and doing extremely little seems to be the way
mizmo likes it. I don't so it was just not funny for me. Other people
might be able to "work" in conditions like that but i like to get out
of it ASAP.

One note to Mizmo:
At the very first moment, and that was ~1 1/2 year ago with "Project
Amber" when i first spoke to you. you where extremely bossy back then
and wanted everything the way you deem right. I found that strange but
just took it for granted. Now the last few months i still notice the
exact same behaviour of you. I hate that kind of behaviour. Boss
someone else around, not me! And learn how to take on sarcasm. It
would be best to just quit being bossy at all.

I feel like i've been very mild in this entire message.

One last request: Delete my fas account please (markg85) and
everything that has markg85 in it.
For fas: Why is there now: "delete my account"?

To the rest of the website team,
Good luck.

That was it from me. Greetings,

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