Upcoming Fedora 14 Tasks

John Poelstra poelstra at redhat.com
Mon Aug 16 19:54:02 UTC 2010

Start       End         Name
Fri 18-Jun  Thu 21-Oct  Website Refresh for Fedora 14
Fri 18-Jun  Thu 21-Oct  style guide for www.fpo written up in wiki
Fri 09-Jul  Thu 26-Aug  20 articles of content developed for www.fpo
Tue 03-Aug  Thu 02-Sep  New website template complete in CSS using 
960.gs fluid library and complete in genshi (based on draft 3, start with 2)
Mon 09-Aug  Thu 26-Aug  Content corrections to current www.fpo content
Thu 19-Aug  Fri 20-Aug  Add Alpha Banner to Website

This schedule reflects the delay of the Fedora 14 Alpha Release by one 
week and extension of the remaining dates on the schedule.  Please let 
me know if any of the dates look wrong or do not reflect the wishes of 
your team.

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