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Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at
Tue Nov 9 14:18:44 UTC 2010

On 11/09/2010 04:04 PM, Jef van Schendel wrote:
> 2010/11/9 Sijis Aviles Oscar,
>     Hi. I see the image you are referring to but it does not look
>     flipped or incorrect to me.
>     Thanks for the feedback.
> This image [1] isn't flipped upside down or anything drastic, but it is
> mirrored horizontally. If you look at the top right of the screen, you
> can see the Fedora logo and the GNOME menus, which obviously should be
> on the top left.

I am one in the minority of those that can see not only the desktop is 
flipped, the Inkscape (the featured app) UI is flipped and also Máirín 
is using the wrong hand (no discrimination against left hand users :) ) 
but I also understand *why* the image was flipped... aligned to right, 
the tablet should NOT face outside of the page.

> However, I think Máirín (who took care of this slide) knows about this
> and it was done on purpose, so it would fit in with the other grey slide.

Flipping was her conscious decision for a proper layout and I believe I 
saw at least another notice of the flipping.

> I will ask her what she wants to do with it, because I don't think it
> needs a fix right now. People with sharp eyes like Oscar might notice
> but I don't think this issue is serious enough to allow me messing
> around with the slides.

As is, there are only a few available decisions:
- leave the image as is, and expect a few people will notice and some of 
them complain;
- re-take the photo, with a correctly oriented tablet;
- drop the banner and replace with something else.
Un-flipping the photo is not an option, it would make for a bad layout.

> [1]

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