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ArcFi arcfi at
Thu Jul 11 08:30:14 UTC 2013

Hi, I have a suggestion about BFO site usability improvement.
It would be nice to provide CHECKSUMS file for download at

CHECKSUMS file format is:
b026324c6904b2a9cb4b88d6d61c81d1  file1
26ab0db90d72e28ad0ba1e22ee510510  file2
6d7fce9fee471194aa8b5b6e47267f03  file3

It is easy to create and verify with standard utilities from coreutils
package, such as md5sum, sha1sum, sha256sum etc.

$ sha256sum file* >CHECKSUMS

$ sha256sum -c CHECKSUMS
file1: OK
file2: OK
file3: OK

Best regards.
ArcFi <arcfi at>
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