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(cross-posting to docs@ -- but discussion should be on wiki at . join us if
you're interested!)

In #fedora-docs today, quaid and I decided that it would be a good idea
to have a look at the 50 most viewed wiki pages[1] as well as a random
sample of other pages on the wiki so we can create a document for making
wiki pages teh awesome in the future, whether they still be old cruft
from MoinMoin or newer pages.

The lists I got are at:
The first one is generated from awstats, and listing them in order from
most popular to least; the second is asking the API for 300 random main
namespace pages (slightly less than 1% of all of the pages on the wiki)
and listing them in alphabetical order.

I posted it to the wiki so it would be easier to say "I took this page",
as well as making it a lot easier to link to the pages.

This is more of a "let's discuss how and where to do it" thread rather
than a "go for it" thread. In a couple of weeks when I've graduated I'm
going to start seeing that this is done.

The main things we need to ask ourselves are:
* Where are we documenting our adventure?
* Should we add more paegs to the list? Why or why not?
* Is this a sane way to go about this?

[1]: This is not meant to overtake Max's weekly wiki challeneges, but
instead to help supplement them, and help provide documentation for
people who really want to get started on those and get contributing on
the wiki. :)

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