Plans for Xfce 4.8

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at
Tue Jan 12 06:22:57 UTC 2010

Xfce 4.8 is supposed to be released on 2010-04-12. 

Currently the Xfce SIG is planing to ship it in F13, although this is
ambitious. The Xfce milestones are very close to the F13 schedule and
might be delayed. We only have 8 days to from the release of pre1 till
Feature freeze. If there is nothing to test at feature freeze, the
feature may be dropped from F13.

The current plan is: 
      * F13 Alpha will come with Xfce 4.8pre1 (15 days from release to
        Alpha freeze) 
      * F13 Beta will come with Xfce 4.8pre2 (22 days from release to
        Beta freeze) 
      * F13 RC will come with Xfce 4.8final (17 days from release to RC

      * Reviews for the 3 new packages garcon, tumbler and libxfceui are
        in progress
      * Xfce components that already have a 4.7/4.8 release (not yet in
              * exo 0.5.1
              * libxfce4util 4.7.1
              * thunar-1.1
              * xfconf 4.7.0
              * xfce4-settings 4.7.0

More info about Xfce 4.8 is on the feature page in the wiki:


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