Wanted: Suggestions for the F13 Xfce Spin

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Tue Jan 12 17:40:55 UTC 2010

On Tue, 12 Jan 2010 07:45:32 +0100
Christoph Wickert <christoph.wickert at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Some random thoughts about the package selection Spin:
> Drop gftp (3,3 mb): we can do the same with Thunar and gigilo.

Yeah, thats fine with me. 

> Drop totem: Should save us ~ 12 mb. Parole seems a good alternative.
> 0.2.0 was just released and works fine, except there are some problems
> with the audio. And we would loose automatic codec installation with
> PackageKit.

I have been using Parole here too and it seems to work fine. 
Is there any chance upstream might add the auto codec install
feature? ;) 

I guess I would be ok with moving to parole by default. Users can
always install totem later if they really want to. 

> Replace mousepad with leafpad? Mousepad was forked from leafpad to add
> printing. Unfortunately this requires xfconf wich we don't ship (in
> favor of system-config-printer) and is very limited. Leafpad now has
> full printing support via the gtk-print dialog. A rewrite of mousepad
> is planned, but it's not sure if it will be before F13.

+a lot. 
mousepad is pretty useless. I would be happy to move to leafpad. 
(Or some other editor if there is a better one thats light and easy for
simple text editing). 

> What about midori? of course we are not going to drop it, but I don't
> think that it can replace firefox until F13, for example it doesn't
> work with the java or parole plugin.

Right. I think we should keep shipping them both. 

> Another login manager? We could use to SLiM or LXDM. LXDM has more
> features, but is still in early stages of development and there are
> still SELinux problems. Downsides:
>      1. With SLiM and LXDM we loose automatic unlocking of the default
>         keyring, but we are working on this (at least I am in LXDM).
>      2. We loose fast user switching. Not sure how popular this is
>         though.

3. We loose the 'seemless switch from plymouth to X'
4. We loose the ability to choose a lang at login time? 
(I am pretty sure slim doesn't do this, not sure about lxdm). 

I would really like to switch, but I don't think slim/lxdm are really
mature enough. I think we should probibly stick with gdm for another

> Include some plugins for geany?

Sure, which ones?

> More development stuff, e.g meld?
> More suggestions or feedback, especially on the login manager?

See above. ;) 

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