hi, how to stop unwanted gdm program such as sound controller?

shiyao ma i at introo.me
Thu Aug 4 01:22:18 UTC 2011

I have find another example.
In Fedora Xfce4 spin, click Applications Menu ->Preferences->Bluetooth->All
As you can see, the All Settings conflicts with xfce4's settings. E.g, if I
set a background in the "All Settings", the background pic will appear when
you log in or log out the system(during other time, the background will be
the background pic set in xfce4 settings)

On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 10:48 PM, Kevin Fenzi <kevin at scrye.com> wrote:

> On Wed, 3 Aug 2011 16:05:38 +0800
> shiyao ma <i at introo.me> wrote:
> > Hi, buddy
> >      I now use Fedora 15 xfce4 spin. What puzzled me is that when the
> > system boots, I see logs like starting gdm3..Does that mean in this
> > spin, xfce4 is only a session based on gdm?
> Yes, the Xfce spin uses gdm as a login manager...
> > what puzzled me more is when I start a virtualmachine in virtualbox,
> > a gdm system setting of sound controller will appear on my host
> > system. It seems that the xfce4 sound controller and gdm sound
> > controller clutters. So, what's the method to use a pure xfce4 or how
> > to settle down the above problems.
> Xfce does not have a login manager itself. You have to use some other
> existing one, or login to a text session and use startx or the like.
> I'm not sure what conflict you are running into with sound controllers
> there. Is it after you have logged in? where do you see both of them?
> How do they conflict?
> kevin
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