Panel layout in Xfce 4.8 (was Re: Goal: Make XFCE rock in Fedora)

Jayson Rowe rowe.jayson at
Sun Aug 7 03:02:01 UTC 2011

I'm kinda the new guy here, but I went back and read the thread from
March, and I prefer Martin's "B" layout - in fact, it's pretty much exactly the
way I set up my panels when I switched to XFCE. I have a single 24px
panel at the top with the Applications Menu text showing - I changed
the XFCE default icon the the Fedora XFCE icon presented when I
clicked to change the icon - I have a small line of icons of
frequently used things next to that (for me File Manager, Terminal,
Chromium and Firefox) followed by my Workspace switcher (2
workspaces), my Window Buttons, Volume control, System Tray and Orage
for my clock with the format set as %x %X. Interestingly enough,
that's pretty much exactly how my GNOME 2 setup always looked too
:-). I agree though, either A or B would be acceptable as I would just
change it to my personal preference right after install anyway.


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