xdg-open not working for directories

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 1 08:00:12 UTC 2011

Am Donnerstag, den 30.06.2011, 17:43 -0700 schrieb suvayu ali: 
> Hi Christoph,
> On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 5:27 PM, Christoph Wickert
> <christoph.wickert at googlemail.com> wrote:
> > Please set it to 'fedora-Thunar.desktop', because that's what the file
> > in /usr/share/applications is called.
> >
> This does not work either. It still opens up in evince.
> $ xdg-mime default 'fedora-Thunar.desktop' application/x-directory
> $ xdg-open lisp/

Sorry, it should use fedora-Thunar-folder-handler.desktop

But you are using the wrong mime type anyway: application/x-directory
was obsoleted i nfavor or inode/directory

> This tries to open the lisp directory in evince. I think something is
> seriously wrong with my setup. Not sure where I can look.

$ grep directory ~/.local/share/applications/defaults.list 
$ grep directory ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list 


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