desktop notifications crashing apps?

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at
Tue Nov 15 13:00:08 UTC 2011

Am Dienstag, den 15.11.2011, 13:29 +0100 schrieb Michael Schwendt:
> At
> is a Fedora 16 user running XFCE who has apps (at least Claws Mail and
> X-Chat) crashing in the same way when trying to display a notification.
>   #0  _g_dbus_worker_ref (worker=0x0) at gdbusprivate.c:438
>   No locals.  
> Known thing? 

I was aware of apps crashing xfce4-notifyd [1] but not the other way

> And specific to XFCE?

Try by installing notification-deamon and removing xfce4-notifyd, this
should tell us. Notification-daemon currently is not started
automatically in Xfce, so it needs to be added to autostart in



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