Xfce window handling problem

Jos Vos jos at xos.nl
Wed Nov 30 14:11:16 UTC 2011

On Sat, Oct 08, 2011 at 05:30:01PM +0200, Jos Vos wrote:

> Since I switched from GNOME to Xfce I have a problem with a Java
> application I use.
> After logging in in the application, it starts a splash screen with
> progress bar and then a window pops up where you have to enter a
> security code, with an input field and OK and Cancel buttons.
> Under GNOME, this all works fine, you fill in the code, click
> on OK, the window disappears and the splash screen progress bar
> continues.
> Under Xfce (F14 and F15), you fill in the code, click on OK and
> nothing happens.  After OK, you have to click either on Cancel
> or on the window manager "X" button, and only then the window
> disappears and the procedure continues in a normal way.
> This all is a fully reproducable and deterministic behaviour.
> Is this some xfwm4 problem?

Just to record the solution for my own problem: the problem
disappeared after an update of openjdk.  Still weird it appeared
only under Xfce4 and not under GNOME3, but I'm happy it works ok

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