Power manager issues (double wake up, etc.)

Miro Hrončok mhroncok at redhat.com
Mon May 13 21:37:27 UTC 2013

because of previous incompatibility with xfce4-power-manager-settings 
and /etc/systemd/logind.conf, I've disabled every action in logind.conf 
by setting things to ignore.

Yesterday, I've finally managed to comment that out and set things 
properly in xfce4-power-manager-settings as desired.

Here is what I want and what I have set in the 
xfce4-power-manager-settings (except using slock, because there is no 
option for used screen lock):

- When I am not connected to AC and I close the lid, lock the screen 
(with slock), but do not suspend/hibernate/whatever. When I am 
connected, do not lock.

- When pressed any of the buttons poweroff/suspend/hibernate, ask for 

- When suspending/hibernate, lock the screen with slock.

Here is, what really happens:

- Closing lid and using slock to lock the screen (only without AC) works 
as expected.

- When I press poweroff or suspend button, I am only asked sometimes, 
sometimes nothing happens. (When I change the action from Ask to 
Suspend, it works the same, only goes to suspend sometimes, sometimes 
nothing happens)

- When going to suspend and wake up, screen is unlocked.

- When I open the lid when suspended, PC wakes up (as expected), but 
goes to suspend immediately again, but when I wake up for the second 
time, it's not going again to suspend, it's not an infinite loop. 
Basicaly, I have to wake up twice (open the lid, wake up, suspend, press 
power on, wake up).

I'm using Fedora 18 64bit on Lenovo Thinpad X230. I have no idea, what's 
wrong, or whom to report this.

Thanks for any help.
Miro Hrončok
Phone: +420777974800
Jabber: miro at hroncok.cz

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