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Zoltan Hoppar hopparz at gmail.com
Mon May 20 21:59:21 UTC 2013

As I remember, when you are newly start the fresh installed fedora xfce
spin system (even in F18), there is no tray volume controller application.
I didn't know that how can I restore it or it's exisiting at all, so
fetched first volumeicon (what is crashed all the time, was in bugzilla
many times), then pnmixer filled my needs until now - but removed it
immediatelly now. Why? Because I have found an solution between the
plugins, and that provides the missing tray applet part for the
xfce4-mixer. So the way to have the tray app is, rclick on the tray, panel,
add new plugin, volume - and pops up an mixer app. Problem solved, so
forget my pnmixer suggestion, but we need this to be turned on the spin if
possible. HTH for other guys too.

For other apps: I tried to gather and suggest small, but nice solutions, as
we have low amount of space on disc - yet would be great to have more
complete desktop. Sadly read, that many apps has dead upstream, and some
has no reason to keep it.
I have to agree about the evince-gtk. Yet, I think we need the gnome font
viewer, I had really missed it, and after my knowledge there is no other
tiny app where you can handle and install fonts too through gui. But these
are just my suggestions, and impressions about what should we include.

 And yes - it would be nice to hear other guys opinions either. Thx
Christoph, and Kevin.

2013/5/20 Christoph Wickert <christoph.wickert at gmail.com>

> Am Montag, den 20.05.2013, 21:50 +0200 schrieb Zoltan Hoppar:
> > I'd like to also add the following apps:
> >
> >
> > - PnMixer for sound management (500 k), as PulseAudio has never will
> > have tray app
> I don't see what it offers over xfce4-mixer and it's plugin. ANd it's
> crashing for people with more than one soundcard or USB soundcards.
> > - epdfview (407 k)
> Dead upstream, that's why we switched to evince-gtk.
> > - atop (100 k) - not a must, but very versatile, multifunctional
> > top-like app
> I like this on, not sure if we should focus on console apps on a desktop
> spin.
> > - gnote (if it's not added - 3 megs)
> Dead upstream, I still maintain and use it in the LXDE spin, but for
> Xfce we should IHMO stick to the xfce4-notes-plugin.
> > - As we have Asunder, maybe good idea to have Easytag (5 megs), or
> > Tagtool (870k)
> We already have this in thunar through the thunar-media-tags-plugin and
> thunar-bulk-rename (which can deal with tags, too).
> > - Fpm2 - lightweight password manager (362 k)
> Never tried it.
> > - mtpaint as image editor, because gimp is too big (570 k, no deps,
> > pygtk)
> Not really usefull IHMO.
> Thanks for your suggestions. I think we should focus on bringing the
> best of *Xfce*, but I am looking forward to hear more opinions.
> Best regards,
> Christoph

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