media mount point question

xfceFred at xfceFred at
Tue Oct 22 05:16:58 UTC 2013

On 10/22/2013 05:48 PM, ToddAndMargo wrote:
> When you install from the live CD, all your
> automatic mount points are in
>     /run/media/user

=also USB memory sticks, ...

> A bit of an irritant, as I expect them
> to be in /media
> is there a way to move the mount points back to
> pain old
>     /media

/media seems to be a server-oriented location. Was the 'user' part added
to make it more (hah!) user-friendly?

alternatively/additionally, can you point-out a cogent explanation of
why it was moved there (so 'deep') - and not to (say) /home/user/media
for example?


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