Please circulate invitation to participate in Xfce user research

Steve Dodier-Lazaro sidi at
Thu Nov 20 00:50:01 UTC 2014


I'm writing as a member of the Xfce Design SIG to inform you we're
opening two user surveys to gather user experiences on Xfce's session
saving feature and UI, and the XDG Autostart UI. Below are the links
to both surveys.

Online survey on session saving:
Online task on autostart app UI:

We'd like each of the main Xfce distributors to advertise the survey
to their userbase, so that we design a solution that works for
everyone and not just <insert competitor name here>! ;-) The links
above already provide information on the content of the surveys and
how the data is handled, so you can keep the advertising short. This
is what we'll be using for our own advertising effort:


    I'm writing as a member of the Xfce Design SIG to invite the Xfce users and
    enthusiasts among you to participate to user research we're doing
on sessions,
    login and autostart applications. Each survey takes under 10
minutes to complete.

    By completing these surveys, you help us understand what's useful
for you and
    make Xfce more usable and enjoyable!

    Questionnaire on logins and session saving:
    Online task on the app autostart settings:


If you have any questions, you can find me on the #xfce-dev IRC,
nickname sidi. Thanks!


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