Keypad does not work in X

Philip Rhoades phil at
Fri Nov 21 11:07:41 UTC 2014


I don't make much use of the keypad so when it hasn't worked in recent 
version of Fedora (currently v20 x86_64), I have usually been in a hurry 
and have just used the numbers on the main keyboard - but now this 
problem is annoying me!

The console keypad works fine - but in X, whether I use NumLock on or 
off - I get nothing - nada, zip - not numbers, not cursor movement, 
nothing.  The NumLock light comes on but there's nothing at home . .  Is 
this an XFCE problem or something else? - I spent a lot of time Googling 
but came up with nothing . .


Philip Rhoades

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Sydney NSW	2001
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