anything exciting in xfce for fedora 21?

Jonatas Z. de Vasconcellos jonatas.zv at
Sat Oct 25 01:08:36 UTC 2014


Yes, I think so. Since Xfce 4.12 release is delayed, an article named
"Xfce - it ain't changing" or "XFCE - GOOD AS ALWAYS" would sound
 By the way, is Fedora considering to use LXQt on Fedora LXDE spin?
(Sorry, I know that this is a Xfce mail list.) 

Em 24/10/2014 16:14, Matthew Miller escreveu: 

> Hi everyone! Things appear pretty calm in the Xfce world -- are there
> any things we want to highlight for the upcoming release that would
> make a good Fedora Magazine article?
> Maybe even: "Xfce -- it ain't changing" :)


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