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> Kevin,
>     I am just a (heavy) user of XFCE, but I used to work for the
> government.  To me, a lot of certificates, badges, etc. are handed out
> to government employees when no reward is justified, witness the VA
> and its five-figure bonuses.  I think what would be better is a
> routine acknowledgment of people involved in specific things I use.
> For example, "Kevin Fenzi led the testing efforts on this release" or
> " Joe, Jim, and Mary developed the new [whatever] to replace a slower
> app that took up more space."  In other words, what would be most
> helpful would be to give more explicit recognition to specific
> efforts to improve XFCE.

Well, badges are completely optional. You can go and opt out of ever
getting any from Fedora. Some folks find them nice in that they can go
do productive/good things for Fedora and get a small notification that
they did. They also sometimes help people figure out where they can
contribute when they didn't think of that area before. Ie, if there is
a "Xfce sig" badge, some people who use Xfce and are into collecting
badges might show up on this list and contribute where before they
didn't know there was a Xfce sig. 

Anyhow, I see what you are saying, but I don't think badges harm
anything and are fun for some folks. 
>     BTW, I love Linux and XFCE so much that even though I am just a
> retired attorney I have taught two Linux classes at our local senior
> center. Keep up the good work.  And thanks for asking.

No problem, and glad you are enjoying things. ;) Do feel free to chime
in anytime... feedback is very welcome!

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