Xfce does not show standard Fedora or gnome icons as replacements for missing oxygen icons

Raphael Groner projects.rg at smart.ms
Fri Oct 31 19:01:08 UTC 2014


I did some testing with the oxygen icons theme, commonly designed to be
used in or with KDE/Qt. I can imagine a general issue here with inter-
opability between the different desktop environments. So there should
be a general functionality to support incomplete themes like oxygen
seems to be when used in Xfce.

When oxygen icons are used in Xfce, some buttons, starters or menu
entries loose their icons. As it turns out, hat's due to a configuration
issue in the index.theme file. It seems to be related to a common
conflict between both themes gnome and hicolor, from both normally gets
inherited in gtk theming. But we have a KDE theme here …


There are some ideas how we can work around or maybe do a good fix:

1.) The quick and dirty hack:
sed -i s-hicolor-Fedora,hicolor- /usr/share/icons/oxygen/index.theme

2.) We can not assume gnome or fedora-icon-theme is always present: one
approach here would be to add an explicit dep $somewhere, and then
also set that as gtk-fallback-icon-theme in xfsettingsd (suggestion by
rdieter via IRC discussion)

Note: Fedora theme or gnome themes aren't enforced by any normally
installed standard package.

What do you think?


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