Matias De lellis mati86dl at
Sun Mar 1 14:50:16 UTC 2015

Hi People,

My name is Matias De lellis. I am Argentine, 28 years, and I
registered here to participate a little in the integration of xfce
4.12 on Fedora. I have a few contributions in this new release, and
I'm really excited about this.

Before I was in contact with some of you by being the developer Pragha
and xfce4-soundmenu-plugin.

Some know that Pragha was ported to gtk3. About it, personally
sometimes I think that I sold my soul to the devil, but in general was
very positive things, like the implementation of plugins, and thanks
to it, many interesting things.
Of course, as it depends on a version of libxfce4ui that was not
stable (Optional but totally recommended) I opposed myself to update
Pragha in stable repositories. Although Pragha 1.2 version is still
maintained, it is increasingly difficult. and now with the release of
Xfce 4.12 we can make the jump.

Mmm.. here you can test last version to see all changes:

Something similar happened with Parole, which is an official
application for Xfce and was a shame. :S

So in principle, I would like to participate as a co-maintainer of
these packages. Some opposition?. However, I do not know as it is the
official procedure for all this. Please guide me in the process. ;)


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