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Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Wed Mar 25 13:01:17 UTC 2015

On Fri, 20 Mar 2015 19:14:55 -0500
Mukundan Ragavan <nonamedotc at fedoraproject.org> wrote:

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> On 03/20/2015 01:26 PM, Adam Miller wrote:
> > Hello all, I was curious what everyone's thoughts would be on 
> > creating a xfce-sig-packagers group (or some similar name) where 
> > everyone that's a member is able to commit to all xfce packages 
> > DistGit (at least in rawhide, but possibly in stable releases also 
> > if others think that's a good idea).
> This might be a good think assuming we have sufficient number of folks
> (in the packagers group) interested. Even if not, testing and patches
> (when things break) would be pretty nice undoubtedly. :)
> > I'm not entirely sure what all we'll need to do to accomplish this 
> > if everyone is on board but I do know that there are similar SIG 
> > packaging groups like this for language stacks, desktop(gnome), and
> > kde so I suspect we can request a similar setup from the 
> > appropriate group.
> > 
> If there are enough people (in the packagers group) willing to
> participate we could do this using pkgdb group maintainership. There
> may be better ways that I am not aware of though.

I'm not sure there's enough of us to make this worthwhile, but if you
all want to, we can. 

I guess I'd say as it is now it's not worth it, but if we pick up a few
more packagers who want to help out accross the entire Xfce package set
it would probibly be worth it. 

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