[Zarafa] Zarafa 6.40.7 has been pushed to stable updates

Robert Scheck robert at fedoraproject.org
Sat Apr 23 00:27:10 UTC 2011

Good evening,

Zarafa 6.40.7 has now been pushed to the stable updates (EPEL 4, 5 and 6,
Fedora 13, 14, 15 and Rawhide). Here is the full list of changes in Zarafa
6.40.7 [26119]:

Changelog 6.40.7 final [26119]

- Feature #6947: Implement a Security-log.
- Feature #7131: Allow search_base to be empty, so AD global catalog is
- Fix #7308: Extend logrotate script with audit logging option.
- Fix #7283: 6.40.7 packages do not install correctly.
- Fix #7224: Rename zarafaexchangeredirector.msi to zarafabesconnector.msi.
- Fix #6503: spooler can deadlock.
- Fix #6771: No error for missing propmap.
- Fix #7128: Zarafa-server segfault after ldap was down.
- Fix #7169: Memory usage is too high.
- Fix #7173: username length check gateway too agressive.
- Fix #7202: Purge softdelete still fails at some customers after 6.40.5
- Fix #7215: Archiver will stop completely when an specific user doesn't
  have a store.
- Fix #7221: zarafa-admin gives error: Unable to list users, object not
- Fix #7236: Cannot create a user with umlauts.

- Fix #5999: Save draft in outlook with a incorrect email address. open
  draft in WebAccess will give error.
- Fix #7247: An emailaddress with & is not allowed by webaccess.
- Fix #6837: ReplyAll to mail with attachments, will include original
  attachments again.
- Fix #7087: Make column order in WebAccess addressbook different, so it's
  more user friendly.
- Fix #7256: Adding groups in multi user calendar doesn't work at all.

You should be able to update to Zarafa 6.40.7 by using

  yum update 'zarafa*'

on all Fedora releases and Fedora EPEL. If you should find bugs or issues,
please fill a bug report in Red Hat Bugzilla as described here:


Your feedback is very much appreciated.

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