In my opinion, just a typical end user, it would be great to get online documentation to get the whole swarm effect going. Down to showing how to maintain stuff to the public. though i guess its a security issue too.

On Sun, Jan 29, 2017 at 4:04 AM, Brian Exelbierd <> wrote:
I am deliberately not comment on all of the points raised because I feel
like a few of the questions raised need more clarification first.

On Sun, Jan 29, 2017, at 06:17 AM, Athos Ribeiro wrote:
> tl;dr: FUDCons should not exist, they are segregating. Take ppl to Flock
> with the budget instead.
> At first, I joined Fedora because I wanted to maintain a few packages
> that were important to some Brazilian government projects. Later I got to
> meet the Fedora LATAM community. Long story short, I understood that, if
> I was part of the LATAM community, I would actually be able to understand
> and help it.

Unrelated - I'd love to see an interview published about your experience
joining as it is a great story to publicize.

> When I decided to join the community, I was told that there were no
> active mentors in Brazil, but since I was already an active contributor,
> it would be ok. I was then accepted as a Fedora ambassador without
> reading a single wiki page (or at least, nobody asked me if I did) and
> without even ever knowing who my mentor was (please, see [1]).
> A few weeks after that I was chairing LATAM ambassadors meetings. The
> only reason that happened was because I read supybot's manual, so
> whenever the chair wouldn't show up, I would start the meeting myself.
> Long story short: I lead (or led) some of the LATAM meetings.
> We barely use our budget, as you can find out in our balance, which is
> not open.

The budget is open now.  See the budget data in the budget pagure repo.
The website to publish the data is also about 80% complete on the first
draft and i hope to have it published after FOSDEM.

> The complains here are about the delay on reimbursements, which
> are caused for lack of training on how to fill tickets, which is
> understandable, since some ambassadors (like me) do not have mentors.

> Remember that being a mentor here is pretty much like being a king: the
> last mentor must make you the next mentor for that country ( that's how
> it works in LATAM). Sometimes they stop contributing and do not assign
> new mentors.

This sounds like a great topic to take up with FAmSCo to work on whether
we need a better global baselline that each region can modify.  It may
also be the case that learning what other regions do is helpful.

>  In my country, the newest ambassador is a Red Hat employee
> who nobody ever heard about: go figure.

I am not sure what you are getting at here.  I will simply say that RH
employee status is not something that I would use within this context.

> As bex said (and maybe was too kind about it), FUDCon is a GREAT event,
> it DOES bring LATAM community together, but there are no contributions
> coming out of it. It is pretty much an even to talk about Fedora or other
> technologies to users OR to students (windows users). OK. These are
> developing countries and we want to take Fedora there to get a bigger
> user base and bring new contributors on board. The problem is that, in
> the end, FUDCon IS a segregating event to keep LATAM and APAC
> contributors away. Before judging this statement, PLEASE, read [2],  [3],
> [4] and [5]. In the end of the day, FUDCon is not a good event for long
> term contributors and these contributors are not allowed to get funded to
> attend Flock. I'd rather see FUDCons extinguished, using the budget to
> take a few people from LATAM to Flock, who could then transfer knowledge
> to people here in release parties or FADs, than having people who can
> NEVER even see  the guys who develop koji* or  take care of
> infrastructure i
>  n person.
> Look at other communities like Debian (that organized a very successful
> DebConf in Nicaragua in 2012) and OpenSUSE for reference.

Can you provide more details on the these conferences and why you think
they were successes?  This will help readers who are not as familiar
with the workings of these two communities.



> PS: This is not a post against the LATAM community at all: Some people
> here like echevemaster, potty, neville, itamar and mayorga are very
> competent. My point is that they should be spending their time focusing
> on Fedora problems instead of local community problems (we have other ppl
> to do that).
> * Dennis Gilmore loves attending FUDCon LATAM - we love you Dennis ;)
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]
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